In memoriam

We grieve together about the untimely passing of our kind friend, brilliant scholar and student  Raasheed Mahmood, M.A., MSS, BSS. Raasheed was born 16 August 1976 in Feni, Bangladesh and…

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Speaking wild plants in the languages of Global and Chinese capitalism

With the global race for natural resources in full swing, and no signs of China’s appetite for natural resources abating, placing an emphasis on lesser known potential resources in remote and less accessible locations is becoming a key priority for the global extractive industries. One of the last global resource frontiers in accessible proximity to China’s borders includes natural environments with little human development. These areas are located on China’s margins: Russian Siberia and the Far East, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

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Rasheed Mahmood

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Rasheed Mahmood is a professor at Dhaka University in anthropology. His research topic revolves around water and water treatment for communities in flooded areas in Bangladesh, especially in the southwest…

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