Aral Sea – yesterday, today tomorrow

Modell von der ehemaligen Uferkante des Aralsee am Ust Jurt Plateau im Westen des ehemaligen Seegebiets.

The siltation and disappearance of the Aral Sea is one of the biggest Environmental disasters of the 20th century. Especially in the 1980s it attracted worldwide attention. The fate of the Aral Sea again plays an important role in the current climate debate. Previous research on the Aral Sea has been primarily motivated by natural science or medicine. A regional and a cultural studies approach promises additional insights and findings. How do the people affected by the natural disaster remember and process the drastic changes in their living environment and what strategies do they develop to shape their future under the new conditions?
This question was the focus of a DFG-funded project jointly conducted by the Central Asia Seminar at Humboldt University and the Karakalpak Branch of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences and Humanities research project. Here we can follow the exhibition on the topic once again in a virtual model. Attn. the fullscreenmode in the backgroundmenue does not work. For a fullscreen click here

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