Bangladesh in times of climate change

In Europe, Bangladesh is generally characterised as the most affected region by climate change. The country has been aware of the danger for more than a decade and has set up a separate ministry for this purpose. A special exhibition in the Mauritianum Altenburg “When water becomes scarce – changed living environments in the Ganges Delta” has been dedicated to the highly explosive topic of CLIMATE CHANGE since autumn 2020 and shows its devastating effects on people in one of the most populous countries in the world. The exhibition takes the visitor to the sites of climate change, sketches living worlds in the water-rich Ganges Delta, in the forest regions and on the tea mountains of the north, in seasonal flood areas in the interior of the country and in areas that are considered drought regions – tells of the emergence and passing of land and life.

The exhibition below is a 360 degree virtual tour of the museum exhibition. Simply move the image with the mouse. The right mouse button takes you to the full screen. (Attn. the fullscreen mode in the background menue does not work. For a fullscreen click here.)

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