The End of the Presencemodell

The Institute for International Climate Change Research wins the eku Innovation Prize 2020!
With a concept for the development of a virtual mediation strategy of facts and findings in international climate change research, the Institute was able to win the Innovation Award 2020 in December 2020. We convinced the jury with our idea of the future of climate research, decentralised in virtual presence, no energy expenditure in expensive buildings, conservation of resource consumption and still accessible barrier-free on the internet.
The corona pandemic made us inventive. What other industries and sectors have been practising for about a decade, especially in international IT projects, now became socially relevant: Home office and remote project management are no longer words of a hidden IT community, but are suddenly widely practised.
The Institute for International Climate Research and Modelling is now also taking the virtual path as perhaps the first Saxon virtual research institute. It currently combines about 4 focal points: Bangladesh and the Ganges Delta, the Aral Sea, the Altai and the Far East of Russia. Teams from all over the world will gradually join. This is the task of 2021!

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